To talk about the convenient locale, the spacious interior, the beautiful architecture, or the innovative approach to modern living is too simple. Anyone with a real estate dictionary could say such things. 159SW goes beyond a cliché description, because it doesn’t just sit in an area, it defines it. True to Alterra’s standard, 159SW brings forward a new vigor — a force that changes the way people experience life at Sherbourne and Wellesley.


Defining the district

Alterra builds more than just condominiums. They build communities. Communities that thrive. Communities that change the way we live. Communities that change the way we say “home.” From the heart of downtown Toronto to locations across the GTA, Alterra builds intelligently designed, socially inclusive environments that inspire, invigorate and define every area they become a part of.


Designed to define

Alterra’s 159SW will be complemented by the multi-disciplinary interior designs of Toronto based firm, u31. The recipient of numerous awards, u31 has a proven track record that reflects an authenticity and passion for compelling design. Paralleling Alterra’s philosophy, they believe good design should be thought provoking—a quality that informs its surroundings and attracts life.

159SW extends this notion with meticulous intention and an impressive display of amenities. The ultramodern fitness room offers respite during the week with enough room for working out, yoga or private training and a running track. These second level amenities appeals to the weekenders too with a spacious party room with catering kitchen, dining room that is open to a wrap around terrace, wifi lounge area and billiards room. 159SW In an effort to facilitate movement, the bike room also has a repair area for keeping gears in check, which keeps everything convenient and everyone connected.

Creating a seamless flow between living and leisure, 159SW is a place where design intersects with life to form a building that successfully defines the district.

Located at Sherbourne and Wellesley
159sw isn’t a blink away from the electric buzz of Toronto, it is the electric buzz of Toronto. Register today for Alterra’s latest defining project, 159sw

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