Alterra creates intelligently designed, socially inclusive environments that define every area they become a part of.

Alterra’s many achievements are built upon customer service and satisfaction that goes far beyond conventional industry standards. 36Hazelton, Post House, Westwood, Renaissance, and the Network Lofts are just some of Alterra’s brilliant testaments to success, defining the picture of effortless luxury in both setting and design. With more than 5,000 homes and award winning condominiums to their credit, it is no wonder people have trusted Alterra and their definition of home for over 40 years.


Alterra has teamed up with the industry’s best to ensure 159SW reflects the city’s best. Every aspect of the home building process, from design to material to construction, has been meticulously executed through the careful craftsmanship of Alterra, U31 Inc. and E.I. Richmond Architects Ltd.

U31 INC.

With a reputation for creating stimulating structures that just feel right, the U31 interior design philosophy revolves around the human senses. The scent of fresh air as you traverse the outdoor running track and the taste of delicious barbecue on your rooftop terrace. The peaceful ambience of your private abode and the absolute comfort that comes from impeccable layouts. The beautiful design of each area and the indescribable sense of belonging you feel from the moment you enter 159SW.


E.I. Richmond is known for creating some of the city’s most impressive high-rise buildings. Since 1992, they have established themselves as a leading architectural firm in Toronto, having done excellent work designing retail, commercial, condominium and institutional buildings. By combining great design, cutting-edge technology and personalized client service, E.I. Richmond truly stands out among the rest.